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Every  Consumer  looks  for  three  key  eminent factors  when  they  are  searching  for  products  and  services  :

1]  Convenience 

 2]  Quality 

 3] Low  Price 

After  the  pandemic  more  and  more   people  have  resorted  to  online  shopping  and  in the  hustle bustle   of   daily   life   e-commerce   provides  us  with  all  the three  eminent  factors .According  to  Oberlo  there  were  2.14  billion  global  digital  buyers  in  2021  and  it  is  still  increasing  rapidly .  There   has   been   a   major   shift  in  the   ecosystem   specially  after   the  pandemic   and  has  lead  to  a   chain  of changes  from   selling  to buying  and   consumer    experience   .


Google  was  initially  started  by  Larry  Page  and  Sergey  Brin  as  a  search  engine  but  today  it has  become  an essential  toolbox  for  everyone   from  consumers , businessmen , scientists , educators  etc. It   has   diversified   into  numerous  projects  and  it   keeps  redefining   technology  with a  greater  and  bigger   vision   everyday . As  we  say   that  today  is  Talk  and  Walk  with  google .

                      GOOGLE   – THE   CONSUMERS  HERO

Today   as   consumers   we  don’t  have  to  keep  loitering  in markets  aimlessly   to  find  our  products  ,we don’t have to  choose  between various  products  or  learn   through  the trial   and  error   method  as   all   products   and   their   reviews   are  available   to   us  .  It  starts   with   analysing  the  consumers     mind   with   artificial   intelligence   and   its  brilliant    algorithms  from  creating   awareness  to  door  step  delivery .  It   has  become   the  most   well  equipped    accomplice  in  the  consumers   journey  . Let  us  check  out  some  google    tools  and   view    that   how   google      is   the  consumers . 


Google  Shopping   is  a  product   search   service  by   google   that   helps   consumers   search  for  products  from   all  e commerce  websites  , review  products  and  compare   costs   and  do  online  shopping . It   shows   us   a   variety   of     products    and   provides    results    according   to   the   filters   we    provide   so  that   we   can    buy   tailor  made   customised   products . Google  shopping  keeps updating  with   the  sellers  so  we can  buy   and  purchase   according   to new  trends  and current  prices . If  a product  is new  and   If   we   are  buying   it  for  the  first  time  it   also  displays   the  reviews    and   shows  ratings   for   us  to   introspect  and   take   better  buying  decisions  .


Take  a  right  turn  then  left   then   again  right   and   then   you   are   lost  , Google  maps  is  like  you carry  the  world   with  you  .  It  is  a  web   based   service   that   displays   maps  ,  aerial  photography  with   the   help   of satellites    so  you   don’t  need   to  feel  scared  when  you   are  at  a new  place  , it gives  you   directions  and   alarms   you  once  you reach  your destination  . Wikipedia  says  that  in 2020  1 billion  people  use  google  maps  around   the world . It also  lets  us  know  the  position  of traffic  in   different   areas  so  we can plan our  routes  and   trips  accordingly . Service  and start-ups like  OLA  , Uber  other   delivery  services  depend  on  google   maps  for easy  routes  . As  consumers  when   we search  for  shop addresses  on google  , google  provides  us  with  a map  and directions to reach  the  shop  so  it not   only   gets  the   consumer  but  also  shows  a route  for consumers  to   find  their  way .  It  also  gives  a  panoramic   street  level  views   of  various  locations  . 


Google  ads   are  paid  advertisements   that   are  search  keyword  based  .When  you  are  looking  for  a   particular    product   on   google   , it  ranks  websites  with  ads   that  take  you  to  the   page  where   your   products  are  available  . This  makes   the  product   hunting   easier   . By   a   single   click  you  can  reach  .  The   best   part   is   that   the   ads   reach   you  at   the  right  time  when  you  come  to   google   intentionally   to   buy   a   product   or   when  you  come  with  the     search   intent .


No  change , fear  of  mishandling  cash  in  public  , google  pay   is   a digital   wallet  platform  that  allows   you  to  make  in  – person  contactless   purchases   and  make  payments  via app , tablets   and  mobile   phones  .  It   also  helps    in buying , coupons  , paying   recharge   and   electricity  bills  . It  is usually     activated     with   a   pass   code   . The   best   part   is   google   pay   does  not  pay or    receive    in   a   separate    digital    wallet   but   directly   into   the     bank    accounts   so   the    customer  doesn’t have   to  go   through  a  dual   process  . You   will    just    need    to   link    your   bank   account   with   google    pay   and   set  the  UPI  pin  .  The   transactions   are    instant    and    effortless  . It  also  provides   you    with   other   cashbacks    and  offers .


It  is   a  web  search   service  by  google  that  assists  and  guides  you   and  gives   you   best   offers   on flights, you  can  also  search  about   various  travel   destinations   and  explore   various  tourist   destinations   . It   also   provides  with  hotels  and best   flight    prices   . It  also  provides  covid   guidelines   and   protocols  in  your  destinations  .  It   provides   long    term   data    in   the  form   of   graphics    and  charts   to    give    a    better    understanding     visually  .


Not  everyone  is  equipped   with two wheelers  or four  wheelers  , many  people   are  dependant    on   public   transport    but   sometimes   we   are   unaware   about    various    routes    and   destinations   . Google  Transit  uses   the   latest  agency  data   with  the  help   of   google   maps  . It  informs us about fare  prices , metro  schedules , bus   timings   etc , not  only  does   it provide  with  real  time  data  but   statistical   information for  regular  travellers  . 


  Google  is  all  about   creative  problem   solving  , It  has  brought   innovation   with   technology    .  As  we     live  in   a  world   where   the  first  morning   ritual  is   to  check    our  smartphones   and    as    we    thrive    in  the digital  age  google   has    played   a  major  role  in  bringing   a   digital  renaissance   and   it  continues   to   be   the  game   changer   and  player  in  technology   in    the   world .

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